Certifications Overview

There are two different designations offered by the Tantra Federation

  • Certified Tantra Teachers (CTT®)
  • Certified Tantra School (CTS®)

In each designation, there are specific requirements and standards that a member ought to meet. To be in a position to be listed in our directory and get all the benefits available to members, you have to join the Tantra Federation, retain your membership and designations.

Tantra Federation utilizes social credentialing for its CTS’s. Certifed Tantra Teachers provide feedback to CTSs by completing a review. The CTSs use this feedback continuously to improve their trainings and courses.

See the designations below for the eligibility requirements.


Certifed Tantra Teacher (CTT)


Tantra Teachers who have met the 200 – or 500 – hour teacher training at RTS may apply for registration and use of the RTT credential, provided their experience meets our requirements:

Available designations:

Certified teachers with proven teaching experience of 1500hr. or more may be eligable to Experience Certified Tantra Teacher on the same designation they where originally certified.

Certified Tanta Teacher

  • Certified Tantra Teacher – CTT 200 hr.
    Certified Tantra Teacher – CTT 500 hr.
    Certified Tantra Teacher – CTT 1000+

Experienced Certified Tantra Teacher

  • E-CTT 200 (Experienced Certetifed Tantra Teacher)
    E-CTT 500
    E-CTT 1000+

Certified Tantra School (CTS)

Available designations

Schools that have teachers trained by qualified instructors and whose curriculum meets our Standards can apply for a CTS designation.

  • CTS 200
    CTS 500
    CTS 1000+